About 10-minute tidy sessions

I’ve added 10-minute tidy to my daily habits again this year.

I removed it because of an injury, but now I am healing it’s time to get into the habit again.

A 10-minute tidy means I pick up after myself at the end of the day. I set everything straight on my desk for instance, and clear the surfaces in the bathroom from clutter.

I don’t clean, I just put things in their place. That is for cleaning sessions, which will be so much easier to do after a tidy 🙂

Another thing that the 10-minute tidy sessions help with is that I effortlessly declutter things I don’t need. I don’t give myself much time to think, I have the timer for 10 minutes after all, and as a result, I declutter my daily 5 things with ease.

So here’s to setting the timer for ten minutes every day, and getting a tidy house in the process!

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