Declutter without leaving your chair

When you struggle with health issues, it’s not easy to keep to your decluttering goals.

But not impossible.

Here are five things you can do that are low-impact on your body (and mind), but high-impact in your life.

  1. Clear unused or distracting apps from your phone. Keep your first homescreen only for apps that truly enrich your life. I will talk more on this in a future post.
  2. Empty your bag and refill it only with needs, not wants. Carrying unused items wrecks your shoulders and your life 🙂
  3. Clear your nightstand, your desk, the table next to your chair. And in case it’s a lot, make two piles: pile one for things that belong somewhere else, pile two for things that can go. When you only have things that belong in the place you are sitting at, give everything a home.
  4. Create a vision. Even if you can’t really do much, you can still make plans! Look through the room and envision what it would look like when it is all decluttered. Grab a notebook and write down your vision for the room, or draw it. You could also make a decluttering plan for the room, so it is so much easier to declutter when you feel better. What does your new vision feel like?
  5. Mental minimalism. What negative thoughts are hindering you right now? Close your eyes for a while and feel what these thoughts do to your body. Take a couple of deep breaths and let them go.

Image by Claire Lumley from Pixabay