Decluttering my Dropbox

This past week I have decluttered loads without getting out of my chair. I’ve cleared out my Dropbox.

I did it because I have noticed something in my Gmail use. I always start dealing with emails when I have to scroll down in my inbox.
It’s been a habit of mine for years and for some reason it feels so serene, even if I never reach inbox 0 ?

My Dropbox folder was a stark contrast. It was overflowing with old projects, loads of images I’ve created through the years, and a hopelessly cluttered writing folder.

I decided to pare my Dropbox down to the same thing that makes my Gmail feel serene, every folder’s content needs to fit on one screen, so I can see all in there.

It was a lot of work. I have put a lot of stuff in my Google Drive archives, deleted a lot, sorted through my writing and kept only the most recent files (archived the rest) and tossed a lot of obsolete stuff.
It makes a lot of difference. When I open my Dropbox folder now, I see only my most current files, sorted in five folders. The rest is out of sight. Some long-abandoned novel projects and novels I will never ever work on again (because they are ghastly) are now in the archives on my Google Drive, gathering dust, out of sight.

I can see in one glance what I am working on, and what else needs my attention. It is simple, uncluttered and it makes me want to work to finish my writing projects so I can work on another project.

And if that isn’t blissful simplicity, I don’t know what is ?

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