Making a decluttering plan

I am blessed to have my own office.

But, it’s is in a state of disarray, too many projects, too many books,, too little time,

Time for a big decluttering project!

I’m getting rid of projects and supplies, and I’m also giving everything a good clean.

I’ve been working on a plan on how to do that because without a plan I know the office will be an unholy mess that I will never ever get tidied up.

I thought it might be fun to share my plan here, also to keep me accountable.

So, here’s my decluttering plan!

  1. Clear out everything in the desk and cabinet that isn’t something that I will work with/on in the next year.
  2. Find homes for everything, keep each drawer a theme, like writing/art instruments, paper, planner stuff etc.
  3. Clear out the craft cupboard, same rules.
  4. Then comes the bookcase. I have to be VERY ruthless there.
  5. Remove all the books I know I won’t keep or read in the next year
  6. Clear everything that isn’t a book from the shelves too.
  7. Pack the books for donation, and put everything that isn’t a book in my “deal with it later”-basket.
  8. Add the books to the newly christened bookcase/craft cupboard.
  9. Enjoy a calm and decluttered space
  10. optional: add all books to Goodreads

I have no doubt that along the way I will make up new steps, and think of easier ways to do some of them, so I will update my plan accordingly.

I’ve never worked this way, I’ve always been more of a chaos incarnate person, but I know that this will keep me sane.

I will post more about this at a later date, might even share pictures!

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