My decluttering calendar

I’ve been decluttering a lot these past months, and one of the things I’ve discovered is that one of my systems didn’t work.

My maybe things all went in a box, and then I stored them away and never looked at them. My intention was to go through them on a certain date but I never did.

I went through the box again and discovered a lot of things that made me happy.

I could have put them in the box again, but I knew I’d find them again at the next decluttering round, untouched.

I could have entered the whole box in my calendar for a review in three months, but I knew the same thing would happen. I’d look in the box and think, “Ooooh that’s so pretty” and then close the lid again.

Instead, I grabbed my phone and for each of the “maybe” things I kept, like some patchwork squares, I added them to the calendar twice.

Entry one, a month later, was “last chance to use the squares”, and entry two, two months later, was “squares unused? toss!”.

I did that for several other craft items, like the pretty cotton yarn, and paper blocks. I scattered the reminders throughout the calendar, so not everything popped up on the same day.

And it works. I’ve discovered that even if something looks pretty it doesn’t mean that I want to do anything with it. I have tossed SO much already.

I am also crocheting (and knitting) up the cotton, because that I truly couldn’t stand losing that.

All in all, it’s a big win.

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