My office mindmap

Today I realised I forgot something in my major office overhaul. It’s something I have written about before but somehow it fell by the wayside. That something is vision.

I suddenly knew that I couldn’t get any further with my decluttering process until I sat down and wrote what I need my office to be.

I wrote the list, but didn’t feel satisfied somehow.

And then it hit me: why don’t I make a mindmap for it?

I headed to the app I use in my phone and made this one. And I love it!

Everything I keep in my office has to stay within the guidelines in this map.

If I want to keep it but don’t use it, the simplicity topic shows me what I need to do with it.

I can group things that are similar and label the boxes so I know where everything I use is.

This is going to make for a radical change but I need it, because I need space to work and space to play!

I am so happy with my discovery that I’m going to make a mindmap like this for every room in the house and store it in my home binder. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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