Note what you use

I am taking note of everything I use, all the time. That may seem exhausting, but it’s an exercise in finding what I really need.

The other day, I removed half a shopping bag full of things from the bedroom, and I don’t miss anything I’ve put in there.

If I had done it at random, I would probably be up in arms because I would miss something.

The decluttering has to be intentional. I don’t have any craft items other than a glue roller and pen and paper near my bed. I don’t need anything else there.

I don’t have meds other than the ones I need on a daily basis near the bed, the rest is at its designated space.

This is working for the whole house.

I have removed things from the living room because I kept them there for convenience, but in the end, never used them there. (I do however use them in my office).

I have decluttered stacks of things I kept stored in or on my desk. Every time I take note of what I use, and I see the unloved things in the back of the drawer, and the barely used pencils.

And, the more I declutter, the easier it gets to see what needs to be decluttered or what serves no purpose in the spot where it’s stored.

It also gets way easier to let go of things when they don’t truly serve a purpose for me.

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