On re-decluttering

In the past three months, I have been hit by several health issues that made it impossible for me to do much on the decluttering front.

During that time, perfectly decluttered spaces around the house became cluttered again, and places like my desk attracted so much clutter, that it was hard to find anything.

Now I am starting to feel well again, I am also getting ready to tackle the clutter and find a better life for me underneath it.

And yet, when I move my hands to start decluttering, a voice within me freezes me in my spot.

I know myself well enough to know what that voice is. It’s the judgemental voice, which screams what a failure I am for having everything cluttered again.

It yells I will never accomplish anything and that I am doomed to forever live in the clutter.

How I conquer it?

By starting again. By grabbing an envelope from the stack, and dealing with it.

Nothing shuts up an inner judge like shredding paper.