Spending my allowance, a musing on my joyful minimalism

I have set a certain allowance for each of us in our zero-based budget. We are both free to spend it in whatever way we choose.

I usually spend most of my allowance on books, clothing, art supplies and (sometimes) planner goodies.

For next year, I don’t intend to spend anything on new clothing, unless I magically lose a lot of weight and have to buy new clothes. Even then, most of the things I buy will be second hand and therefore low in cost.

I will have set a budget for books, and a much smaller budget for art supplies and planner goodies (as I intend to use my stash first), and the rest of the money I intend to save up for big-ticket items, like a Chromebook.

I intend to save up at least half of my monthly allowance for these items. I could get enough for a Chromebook in two or three months, depending on if I want an older model or not.

I choose not to do that, as it will be too limiting.

I am an avid reader, and owning books brings me great joy, both the paper and the bits and bytes kind.

I do however intend to stick to my budget, and I also am not allowed to make impulse purchases. If I want a book, I have to wait three days before I am allowed to buy it.

This will help me save up most of my allowance, and I know I will love owning the things I save up for.

And if I decide I don’t want the item after the long wait, I can choose to buy something else, or choose to save the money for another big-ticket item.

Through this, I train myself to spend less on non-essential items, and I really wonder how it will influence my personal minimalism journey.

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