Start to declutter with your eyes

I am decluttering very very slowly, due to my ankle injury. I can only work on decluttering/cleaning for 5-10 minutes at a time, and then I have to rest again.

And I am finding how beneficial it is for me, focusing on only one area at a time.

I am chaotic, and when I used to declutter I would flitter about the house, working here and there, never finishing one job.

Now I am working on the bedroom and I look critically at every corner of the room for things I need to declutter/clear away/find a home for.
And then when I can, I get up and clear away what doesn’t belong in the room and store it in a bag to be dealt with later.
The same goes for every other room. When I am in the living room, sitting with my foot up, my critical eye studies the room, and ponder the things surrounding me. As I look around, I am decluttering with my eyes, noting what can stay and what has to go.

It’s such a calming process, gradually turning every area of the house into something I love to look at.

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