The all-important decluttering questions

I am reading a wonderful book, called Soulful Simplicity, and it helps me to see something so powerful that I had to put down the book to come here to write.

I am in the process of decluttering radically, starting with two areas in the home: my office and the bedroom.

I’ve done this process at a snails pace over the past months, even years in case of the office, continually shedding things.

There is one thing I didn’t do during this process, and that is checking in.

I just knew I had to create space, but who did I do it for?

Why did I do it?

What drove me?

What drives me to declutter today?

Who do I do it for?

These questions (and more) are all things that I need to answer from deep within me to get to where I need to be.

Decluttering does feel aimless without that step.

So today I am going to start a practice so beautifully described in the book: checking in with my heart, finding moments where I just sit and listen.

I will report back on what happened during these sessions in a future post.

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