The gift of an almost empty desk

This week I’ve started a pair down process where it comes to my desk.

Every day I set myself a challenge: remove something.

I’ve removed so much by now, and it has become so clear what I need to have in view.

The decision making process was fun too, I asked myself questions, and then answered them

A cup full of pens? It is the cutest, but I don’t need it on my desk when I have pens in my office supplies drawer, in easy reach.

An A5 notebook? I can use an A6 for quick notes, and if I want to write more, I can grab my notebook from the drawer and then store it there again when I am done scribbling.

My thesaurus and my french notebook? They can live on the shelf behind me, I don’t need a thesaurus at hand, especially when there’s 🙂

Looking critically at each object I’ve left on my desk the day before really helps me to see what I truly need to have in view. And the more I remove, the clearer my needs become.

This is a lengthy, but awesome process. I’ve noticed that the more decisions I make, the easier it becomes to make decisions on what can go next.

I hope that this process of elimination makes all my other decluttering projects easier. I’ll keep you posted on if that is the case.

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