The simple workspace

Yesterday I moved a lot of stuff into the desk. Before I did that though, I planned.

I grabbed a notebook and a pen and drew out the drawers, three squares to the left, three squares to the right, and then I wrote a list of all I want to be in the drawers. I moved in things on paper.

The desk accessories to the top right, because I use those the most. Art journaling supplies below there, the journals and planners I use on a regular basis below it.

To the left, my admin folders, paper supplies and some empty folders for later use. Then technology and tools, a big part of my creative life, and below, collections, things that belong together, each in their own tin.

I only moved things in when I was done on paper, sure that it was the right choice for me.

Everything fit perfectly in its spot.

I knew it would, knowing the size of each item that needed to go in each drawer.

And then I closed the drawers, and sat back, smiling.

Knowing where everything I use is, where everything I need to have close at hand for my creativity is, that makes me feel so joyful.

I am going to plan a new appointment in my calendar next, for in three months time. I will evaluate the content of each drawer, and I am going to be ruthless, as I was before I moved everything into the drawer. If I don’t use it, it doesn’t deserve a space in my desk, my altar of creativity.

I am so blessed for having it!

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