The things I’ve bought

This post is a sequel to last week’s, where I talked about the list of things I wanted to buy at a certain point in time.

Sometimes I do buy them after the waiting period is over.

In the case of the want list, I’ve bought two things.

Thing one is an app for my favourite tarot cards. I love the cards so much that I decided to buy the app. It is so good!

The second thing I bought is a book that ha been on my list the longest. I found it really cheap secondhand and decided to get it.

The new thing I did with these items is that I add whether or not I regret buying them.

As of today, I don’t. Both serve me well. I know, however, that there WILL come a time where I will regret a purchase.

It might be an impulse buy, or something I thought I could use but didn’t. It may even be one of the things I don’t regret buying today.

Whatever it is, I have promised myself that I will be honest about the things I’ve bought, and that I will keep checking back on the list every once in a while.

I know that it will teach me a lot about what I truly need, what brings me joy and what I really shouldn’t buy again and why.

It is all part of the journey to becoming a conscious consumer. And I for one am ready to dive deeper into learning to be just that.

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