The want list

For the past couple of months I’ve been adding what would be impulse buys to a want list in Google Keep.

I add a date, write down the item and then don’t hit buy now in the store I saw it in.

And after these months I’ve learned something: I don’t really want most of those things anymore. They were a temporary wish, not a permanent one.

It is so easy to be dragged along by wants. To buy something new at the drop of a hat, deciding it is THE thing you need for your house and then seeing it truly is not after a while.

I’m considering making another list too. A list of why I don’t need certain things, just so I can keep myself from falling for a want again.

And it is funny, after this time of keeping a want list I’ve noticed there are certain things that I buy anyway.

These things are mostly books. And I am more than ok with that. Books give me joy. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures and I am so happy when a new book is ready to be explored.

And that is the essence of Joyful Minimalism in a nutshell for me, keeping the things that bring joy to my life and not bringing in the things that ultimately don’t.

And that is a great way to live for me.

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