What my minimalism looks like

I took this picture to post on my Instagram account last week. Just now while clearing out my picture folder I realised that this picture is a perfect representation of what Joyful Minimalism is.

It’s a picture of my small bin of Sharpies that lives in my art cart. I love the sight of it so much. Every time I come into the office I am greeted by this cart and every time I smile.

I know that to others, this isn’t minimalism. But to me it is, I don’t have an exorbitant amount of them, just a small bin filled with the most joyful colours ever.

Seeing them daily also serves a different purpose. I only keep what gives me as much joy as those markers do. Everything else in the cart is on the same level.

And even though I have a desk and a cart full of creative things, I call myself a minimalist. A joyful one!

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